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Tidy up Zone

We know your time is valuable and sometimes the days aren’t long enough to complete the “to do” list.  We also know it feels incredible when your space, home or office, is clean and all tidy! This is exactly why our founder followed her passion to help others achieve having tidy & clean homes and offices!  With years of helping clients and businesses solve their organizing and cleaning dilemmas, it was time to take things to the next level!

Residential cleaning

There are more important things than cleaning a messy house, If you dream of walking into an immaculate home without taking the time or effort, We are ready to help with our signature cleaning service, We’ll leave your home looking, feeling and smelling fresh and clean every time!  We will start cleaning from the top and will be sure to hit those highly frequent spots with every cleaning.  Our cleaning rotation system and techniques ensure a clean home and because every cleaning service request is unique, we’ll be sure to make a note of any special cleaning requests you might have.   We LOVE celebrating what makes you and your home unique!  

Commercial cleaning

It’s Tidy Time offers custom cleaning services for commercial and professional offices, we take pride in our work. Every cleaning job, regardless of the size, is treated with respect for your business and a desire to impress you with our capability. Our consistent office cleaning program will keep your office ready for clients.

Roofing and Gutter cleaning & maitenance

With our roofing and gutter cleaning service, we provide a free inspection of your roof. An important, but often overlooked, part of home maintenance is keeping your roof and gutters clean and free of debris so that water drains properly. If debris from nearby trees collects in the gutters it can impede the water from draining properly and cause water to run over the edges, which can lead to a leaking basement or foundation problems. To avoid costly repairs, be sure to have us check the gutters on your home at least twice a year, late in the spring and fall season.

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